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Why another FI blog?

There are a bajillion FI and personal finance blogs already… did we really need another one? 🙄

My answer: YES! 

Why? Well, it’s because Eat Sleep Breathe FI’s different, because I’m different. Here’s how:
  • I live in an expensive area: We could retire earlier if we moved to a lower cost of living area, but we love where we live and don’t want to move. I’ll write about how we’re still reaching for FI, even with this hurdle.
  • I have kids: While I love learning from all FI bloggers, those of us with kids have different challenges than singletons and DINKs. I’ll talk about how we’re pursuing FI as a couple with two kids.
  • I’m female and a stay-at-home mom: The FI community’s pretty diverse, but I’d love to hear from more women and at-home parents. I think adding more, different voices to the community is a really good thing.
  • I’m Asian: As a female BIPOC, I want to show other BIPOC women that there are others like them out there. When we see others who look like us, from similar backgrounds, it’s inspiring and can help make the subject matter more relatable.
  • I’m all about next-level FI: While I’ll cover some of the easy stuff, I’ll also go beyond the basics. I love sharing advanced hacks and info to help you reach FI sooner.
  • I’m Canadian: Our American friends have such a wealth of FI and personal finance content at their disposal. We Canadians need and want more! I’ll not only share Canada-centric content, but I’ll also put a Canadian spin on tips and techniques from our neighbours down south.

We learn best from different teachers

Having different points of view and different approaches to FI can only be a good thing. Sometimes, a similar message delivered just a little bit differently is what you need for things to click. 

Maybe a few of you will connect with my story and my message, and pick up a tip or two that’ll get you to FI that much sooner.

Chrissy from Eat Sleep Breathe FI

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