FI School Lesson 10: Real Estate

FI School Lesson 10

FI School Lesson 10: Real estate

I don’t invest in real estate myself, but many in the FI community do (and are highly successful with it). Real estate investing is an appealing business/investment hybrid, and might be the perfect FI booster for you.

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Afford Anything logo for FI School
  • All of Afford Anything’s real estate episodes can be found here.
Bigger Pockets logo for FI School
  • The Bigger Pockets podcast is the go-to podcast for real estate investing. 
  • Hosts Josh and Brandon are both educational and entertaining, and feature a wide range of guests and topics.
The Truth About Real Estate Investing for Canadians logo for FI School
  • The Truth About Real Estate Investing… for Canadians 🍁 is a must-listen for Canadians interested in real estate.
  • Host Erwin Szeto is a highly successful and experienced realtor and investor. He and his guests have lots of helpful and inspirational content to share.
Vancouver Real Estate Podcast logo for FI School
  • The Vancouver Real Estate podcast 🍁 covers a range of real estate-related topics from a Vancouver-based perspective.
  • The Scalena brothers and their guests are highly informative and very funny—definitely worth listening for the entertainment value alone!


Disclosure: The book recommendations above include Amazon links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases—at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products which I truly believe in. (But I’d suggest doing the frugal thing and borrowing the books from your library!)

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