FI—It’s All About Why, Not How (Guest Post for Million Dollar Journey)

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This week’s article is another guest post I wrote for Frugal Trader at Million Dollar Journey. (He generously offered me the opportunity to share another article with his audience—and I happily jumped at the opportunity!)

Read: It’s All About ‘Why’, Not ‘How’ (guest post at Million Dollar Journey)

About the post

In the post, I address the issue of FI newcomers (like my husband) initially being turned off by FI. As I’ve continued to follow the stories of others in the FI community, I started to realize that many of us focus too much on the ‘hows’ of FI. This is the source of much of the negativity towards FI. 

I also started to see how shifting the focus to the ‘whys’ of FI first, the benefits and rewards of FI become clear. Once this happens, the buy-in becomes almost automatic, and the hows quickly fall into place.

Let me know what you think

Hop on over to It’s All About ‘Why’, Not ‘How’ at Million Dollar Journey and let me know what you think! Do you agree that FI-seekers tend to focus too much on the ‘how’? When you’ve had success introducing FI to others, what got them excited?

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