My Monetization Manifesto

This blog includes monetization strategies (ads, affiliate links, and referral links). Some might say that’s selling out, or assume that I write about or promote certain things just to earn the affiliate/referral bonus. Here’s the truth:

The honest truth

My primary goal for Eat Sleep Breathe FI has never been, and will never be, to earn money. (Blogging’s not a great way to earn money anyway—just ask any blogger!) 

Instead, it’s a much more selfish goal than that. I spend countless hours on this blog because it brings me a huge amount of personal satisfaction and happiness.  

The happiness comes not from the few bucks I earn, but from helping others discover and learn more about FI. That is what keeps me going. 

Back to the money

It’s true—I might earn some income from my affiliate/referral links. But you are never obligated to use these links. (In fact, I’ll often encourage you not to use my links—like suggesting that you use the library instead of buying books through my links.)

Know that I always disclose affiliate/referral links in my posts. I’ll never try to trick you into clicking on a link or hide the fact that I might earn a commission. (For more info, see my Terms and Conditions page.)

Any income that I might earn gives me an extra bit of motivation. It makes it easier to push through the tough times and keep blogging and helping more readers. (It also helps to make it a little less horrifying when I think of the hours I pour into this blog!) 

In the end—you’re #1

I know it’s cheesy, but it’s true.

I always think of what’s best for my readers before I post anything on this blog. If I ever link to a product or service, it’s because I feel it’ll truly benefit you (and I genuinely believe in it).

Thank you

For those who choose to use my links—thank you! I know that you have a choice and that you don’t have to use my links. And yet, you choose to anyway. 

But what I value even more is your support in the form of comments, emails, and shares. All these things mean so much to me, and are what really keep me going.