My Interview with Savvy History: Creativity at Work

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This week, I’m featuring an interview I did with Michelle at Savvy History—Eat Sleep Breathe FI: Creativity at Work Interviews.

About the interview

Michelle at Savvy History features a series of interviews on her blog titled Creativity at Work. In the series, she dives into the creative money habits and intellectual histories of some diverse and fascinating people.

My interview with Michelle was very thought-provoking. I had to dig deep to answer some of the questions, and ended up learning a lot about myself. (Thanks for asking such great questions Michelle!)

In doing the interview, I realized that creativity isn’t just about art—it’s so much broader than that. In truth, many of us are creative without even knowing it.

Learn even more about me

Michelle’s interview also allowed me to share more of my personal story. Along with realizations about my creativity, I also discuss: 

  • How systems help me manage our finances with ease.
  • My experience as a gifted person and parent of a gifted child.
  • My mental health struggles.
  • My favourite bands and musicians (something I rarely talk about!)

I hope you enjoy the interview. Please leave a comment on Michelle’s blog to let us know what you think!

About Michelle (aka Savvy History)

I’ve been a fan of Michelle’s engaging content since discovering her blog earlier this year. Savvy History is so unique—very few FI bloggers write about their creative lives like Michelle does. 

I LOVE her take on life as a musician, teacher, mother and wife. Michelle’s writing is deep and thoughtful (there’s no fluff or filler!) If you don’t already follow Savvy History, I highly recommend that you do.

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