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Some of my favourite podcasts

love podcasts! They’re the only form of media I can consume while doing other things. (How else could I learn about index funds and frugality while brushing my teeth or washing the dishes?)

There’s no easier way to speed up your learning and progress towards FI—all for free! If you’re on the FI path, you need to add podcasts to your life.

FI Podcasts

Well of course I have to plug my own podcast! There’s not enough Canadian FI content out there, so Money Mechanic, Ryan and I created a podcast to showcase the Canadian path to FI. We talk to other Canadians as we cover a wide range of FI topics. But even non-Canadians will get a lot out of our episodes!

What I love: The three of us live in different regions and lead different lifestyles. Along with our range of guests, we bring a lot of diversity to the Canadian FI scene! 

Looking for specific podcast episode recommendations? Check out FI School—my free online curriculum that’ll teach you everything you need to know about FI!

FI School is packed with actionable, inspiring content—hand-picked from all over the internet.

It’s perfect for FI newbies to get started, or for FI veterans to share (or continue their own learning). There’s even special Canada-centric content for my fellow Canucks—just look for the 🍁.

I believe this is the first Canadian FI-focused podcast, and it’s also one of my faves. The Accountant, The Economist, and Money Mechanic are always entertaining as they discuss all things FI (while consuming a beer or two)! 

What I love: FI Garage’s three hosts are friends in real life, so it’s hilarious to listen to them ribbing each other. I love the unique format—they’re literally three guys drinking beer in a garage while recording a podcast.

Brad and Jonathan are the enthusiastic hosts of ChooseFI. Their guests hail from all over the world, from every stage of FI. While I no longer listen as regularly as I once did, I still highly recommend the first 150 episodes. (Note: if that’s too many episodes to listen through, I’ve handpicked and linked to my favourites in FI School.)

What I love: This is the best podcast to satiate every FI newbie’s appetite for FI content!

Paula Pant is the sensible, no-nonsense host of the Afford Anything podcast. She’s most well-known for her real estate expertise, but Afford Anything covers a wide range of topics: personal finance, FI, and personal growth. She’s a skilled interviewer and a gracious host.

What I love: Paula, of course! She’s just awesome. 🤩 When I grow up, I want to be just like her!

Mad Fientist is the first FIRE podcast I ever listened to (and, I believe, the first FIRE podcast ever). Host Brandon interviews a variety of guests—all with inspiring or actionable stories to share. 

What I love: While episodes are infrequent, I eagerly download and listen to every single one.

Doc G and Paul Thompson host this roundtable-style podcast. With their guests, they discuss intriguing, provocative, and fun topics—all through the FI lens. 

What I love: Doc G and Paul Thompson ask great questions, and the guests always keep it dynamic and lively. It’s such a unique show format!

Julie is the millennial host of this FI-oriented podcast. FIRE Drill features both well-known and new voices in the FI community. It’s a great way to learn how different people from different walks of life are reaching FI.

What I love: I love that Julie features all kinds of guests—including those who are not big names in the FI community. We need to hear more of these stories!

Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen (aka Mrs. 1500) host BiggerPockets Money . They’ll keep you entertained as they interview guests in and outside the FIRE community. Definitely worth a listen, if only for Scott’s dad jokes. 🙄

What I love: Scott and Mindy are passionate about FI. I love their energetic enthusiasm!

The Financial Mentor podcast is hosted by Todd Tresidder and features guests in and outside of the FI community. 

What I love: Todd is a thoughtful interviewer; skilled at bringing out different aspects of his guests’s stories. I always learn something new about them, even if they’ve been on other podcasts.

Husband and wife duo Wendy and Curtis Mays host the House of FI podcast. I just love these two! They are so funny and sweet together. (Note: Wendy and Curtis have stopped recording the podcast, but you can now find Wendy on YouTube.)

What I love: While House of FI features some well-known guests, many are new to me. I love this!

Hosts Charles and Bethany are a sweet millennial couple on the path to FI. (Note: this podcast ended after two seasons, but it’s so good that I’ll keep this listing here until they take all the episodes offline!)

What I love: His and Her FI features lesser-known guests and unique takes on FI (which I love because it increases the diversity of the FI community).

Personal Finance Podcasts

DoughRoller is one of the first podcasts I ever listened to, and it remains one of my favourites. Some topics are US-specific, but most of the content is general and applies no matter where you live. 

What I love: Host Rob Berger is knowledgeable, easy to understand, and just a really nice, likeable guy! But what I love most is the way Rob breaks down challenging questions thoughtfully and methodically.

Jamila Souffrant is the lovely and talented host of the Journey to Launch podcast. (I love her voice! 😍) While the show often has more of a personal finance focus, many of the guests are from the FI community. 

What I love: Jamila’s a mom of three, living in a high cost of living area, yet still pursuing FI! Her story is inspiring, and her upbeat attitude is seriously infectious.

Joshua Sheats hosts Radical Personal Finance—and he’s truly ‘radical’. Joshua has strong, unique opinions on personal finance and the world. (Which I love and find extremely challenging.) While I strongly disagree with some of Joshua’s views, I can’t help but keep coming back—his content is that good.

What I love: Joshua’s a very smart guy, and he knows personal finance. He’ll leave you thinking about money and life in completely different, unexpected ways.

Canadian personal finance expert Tom Drake interviews other personal finance experts and online entrepreneurs on his podcast, the MapleMoney Show. While Tom’s website focuses on Canadian content, his podcast is country-agnostic. His guest list includes many famous names from the US personal finance space.

What I love: MapleMoney episodes are on the shorter side, but always full of interesting, actionable content.

Jessica Moorhouse is the host of the Mo’ Money podcast. She’s sweet, earnest, and oh so bubbly! The show does feature some Canada-centric content, but most episodes cover country-agnostic topics. 

What I love: Jessica features guests you don’t normally see in the personal finance space, such as Perez Hilton and teen mom Farrah Abraham.

Kornel Szrejber is the host of the Build Wealth Canada podcast. He features guests from Canada and the US, and discusses a wide range of personal finance topics. A great source of Canada-focused info!

What I love: While Kornel doesn’t identify as FIRE/FI, he’s a very young retiree—so his content aims to help others reach this goal.

Looking for entertaining interviews of smart people in the finance and investing space? You’ll find that in Mostly Money with host Preet Banerjee. While his episodes are sporadic, and his older episodes fall off the list as he uploads new ones, I remain a loyal fan. 

What I love: Preet is well-read, informed, and asks great questions. (Not to mention, he’s also pretty funny!)

Investing Podcasts

I’ve always enjoyed Dan Bortolotti’s blog and have likewise enjoyed his Canadian Couch Potato podcast. There’s lots of useful information in every episode—even for longtime readers of his blog. (Note: this is another podcast that’s gone off the air, but much of the info is timeless.)

What I love: My favourite part is the Ask the Spud segment at the end of each show. Dan’s just amazing at giving thoughtful, helpful advice.

Paul Merriman is the host of the Sound Investing podcast. He’s a retired financial advisor who generously volunteers his time to educate investors. Some of Paul’s material is quite in-depth, but most of his content is appropriate for all levels of investors.

What I love: Paul’s genuine passion for helping others. He’s in this for all the right reasons.

Side Hustle Podcasts

I LOVE Do You Even Blog! Host Pete McPherson is enthusiastic, outspoken, and doesn‘t follow the crowd. He knows a ton about blogging and internet marketing, and delivers high-value content through his podcast, blog, and emails. If you’re interested in blogging, you need to subscribe!

What I love: Pete clearly loves blogging, and he’s incredibly engaged with his followers (you’re the best Pete)! 

Nick Loper hosts The Side Hustle Show, where he interviews guests with a wide range of side hustles. Their stories are inspirational, actionable, and highly educational. 

What I love: Nick’s a low-key, friendly guy, and his genuine warmth comes across in every episode.

Pat Flynn is one of the reigning kings of online marketing. His Smart Passive Income podcast features online entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. Pat’s energy and enthusiasm come through in every episode (and in everything else he does)!

What I love: Pat’s a genuine, friendly guy and gives a ton of value to his followers. 

Ask Pat 2.0 (also hosted by Pat Flynn) features one-on-one coaching sessions with listeners. 

What I love: I always get something out of the episodes, even if the business idea has nothing to do with blogging. A great, educational listen.

Listening to Online Marketing Made Easy feels like having coffee with a good friend! Amy Porterfield is cheerful, energetic, and so good at giving encouragement. Every episode leaves me feeling like I can tackle any blogging challenge.

What I love: Amy never shies away from being vulnerable and honest about her struggles—both personal and professional. This is what makes her so relatable.

This is the podcast version of Marie Forleo’s popular MarieTV video show. She features a variety of content: interviews, Q&As, actionable tips, and more. Marie rolls personal growth, online business, and marketing savvy into every slick and concise episode.

What I love: Marie!!! She constantly cracks me up. You can’t help but feel uplifted and energized after listening to her.

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