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Something new and exciting is here!

If you’re a regular reader, you may have already noticed something new at Eat Sleep Breathe FI. In this post, I’d like to share a little more about the change and what it’ll mean for you and the blog.

What’s changed?

If you aren’t sure what I’m referring to, jump to my home page or archives and you’ll notice two new posts:

These posts weren’t written by me, and they’re not guest posts. So… what are they? They’re what’s known as syndicated content, and I’ll explain all in this post.

What prompted this change?

I recently joined an amazing blogging mastermind group called The Money Mix Insiders*. Based on what I’ve heard about them from other bloggers, they’re going to massively help me in my efforts to grow my blog. 

*That’s an affiliate link—if you sign up for the group using my link, I may receive a commission.

I only joined the group last week, and am already loving it. Everyone is incredibly supportive, and those who are ahead of me as bloggers have so much wisdom to share. I’ve felt more confident and excited about the potential of my blog than I’ve felt in a long time. 

Amongst other things, one of the ways this group helps bloggers is by offering the opportunity to participate in content syndication. If you’re wondering what that means, read on for more info! 

What’s content syndication?

Content syndication is the republishing of content (with permission) on a different website. This means I’ll be syndicating the content of other bloggers on Eat Sleep Breathe FI and they’ll syndicate my content on their sites.

Why syndicate content?

For blog readers (like you) syndicated content means more great content—right on the blog you already follow! It also means a greater variety of topics and viewpoints for you to learn and benefit from.

For bloggers, syndication gives us exposure to new and potentially larger audiences. In addition, being featured and linked to from other blogs builds our expertise, authority and trust with Google.

This can help our posts appear higher up in Google’s search results, which in turn could bring us more traffic. 

How can I tell which posts are syndicated?

At the beginning of every syndicated post, I’ll add a little box that introduces the author and includes the line, “This post originally appeared on Wealth of Geeks.” 

That tells you that the original source of the content is Wealth of Geeks, which means the copy of it on my site is a syndication. 

Will syndication change Eat Sleep Breathe FI?

Absolutely not—I’m not going anywhere! You’ll still find my original content appearing here on the blog, on a ‘weekly-ish’ basis. I love this blog and the little community here (that you’re all part of). I have no intentions of stepping away!

Any syndicated content that appears here will be in addition to my original content. I won’t publish it in place of my own content. It will simply add extra high-quality posts to my inventory.

Most of the bloggers in the mastermind group are in the personal finance niche, so the content will almost always be at least somewhat money-related.

Finally, while the syndicated content may veer into topics beyond FI and FIRE, my own content will continue to largely be about FI and FIRE. In other words: you’ll still get plenty of FI and FIRE content—directly from me!

What if I don’t like this change?

It’s okay if you don’t! You don’t have to read the syndicated content if you’re not interested. While I’ll certainly promote it (mainly via Twitter) I will not be shoving it in your face!

I do hope, though, that you’ll at least give some of the syndicated content a try. Each article must follow a long list of requirements to ensure it meets a very high standard. (Believe me—it’s not easy! I’m working on my own post to submit to the syndication feed, and it’s daunting.)

That means you’re getting high-quality, bonus content—right here on my site! Chances are, you wouldn’t have discovered this content or these bloggers otherwise. Their content could be just what you’re looking for, so why not give it a quick read?

What’s ahead for Eat Sleep Breathe FI?

I’m so excited about the growth possibilities for Eat Sleep Breathe FI through The Money Mix Insiders. Other bloggers have seen incredible results from the knowledge they’ve gained in this group, and I’m hoping for the same.

I strongly believe this group will finally help me reach the goals I shared in a previous post. If you’re also a blogger, stay tuned for more updates on this mastermind! I think you’ll also benefit greatly from it—I’ll share more in time. 

Questions? Comments?

I’d love to hear your questions and comments about this new change. As you know, I read and reply to every comment, so feel free to let me know what you think!

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