Can I Take a Slow FI Path and Still Retire Early?

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Slow FI and Early Retirement: You Can Have Both!

Have you ever heard of Slow FI? If not, here’s the official definition from Jessica and Corey at The Fioneers (the couple who coined the term):

Slow FI: When someone utilizes the incremental financial freedom they gain along the journey to financial independence to live happier and healthier lives, do better work, and build strong relationships.

love Slow FI and have embraced it for most of our FIRE journey (minus a short period in the beginning). It’s a mindful approach that leads to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling path to FI.

I encourage you to consider adopting a Slow FI mindset if you’re feeling behind, overwhelmed, or miserable in your FI journey. You may be surprised to find you’ll still reach FI early—even with the slower pace. (My husband and I were able to do just that.)

To sum up why I’m such a fan of Slow FI, I’ll share this beautiful quote from Jessica and Corey: “The journey to FI should be just as remarkable as the destination.” I couldn’t have said it better myself!

My Slow FI interview

Did you know that doing a Slow FI interview has long been on my blogging bucket list? It’s true! That’s why I was thrilled when Jessica invited me to join her series late last year. 

I filled in the interview late last year, and am excited to finally share it with you today—complete with recent edits and a little post-FIRE life update: Can I Take a Slow FI Path and Still Retire Early?

In the interview, I share what Slow FI has meant to me and how it’s affected our FI journey. In addition, Jessica and I discuss:

  • Why I chose a slower path to FI.
  • The role Spouse FI played in our Slow FI path.
  • My why for FI.
  • Our approach to FI.
  • How we improved our lives all along the way.
  • How my perspective about FI shifted.
  • My FI regrets.
  • How early retirement has been so far.
  • My advice for others pursuing Slow FI.

Thanks again to Jessica for inviting me to do this interview with her. She asked fantastic questions and did a great job of helping me to edit and organize my thoughts. I hope you enjoy my Slow FI interviewit may just inspire you to slow down your own FI journey! 

More about Slow FI

  • Check out Jessica and Corey’s other Slow FI interviews.
  • Connect with other Slow FI-ers in Jessica’s Slow FI Enthusiasts Facebook group. 
  • Listen to Jessica discuss Slow FI and Coast FI with Money Mechanic and me on our podcast, Explore FI Canada. (It’s one of our most-downloaded episodes!)

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