Hosting Homestay Students—The Perfect Side Hustle?

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Many moons ago, Frugal Trader (the ‘godfather’ of Canadian personal finance blogging) invited me to write a guest post for Million Dollar Journey (under the pseudonym of Amanda). At the time, I had no blog of my own, no guest posts—not even a Twitter profile! 

Despite all this, FT kindly offered for me to share my story with his legions of readers. (Thanks FT!) When my guest post went live on Million Dollar Journey, several commenters asked about our experience with hosting homestay students. 

FT thought it would make for a great follow-up guest post—and I couldn’t have agreed more! It took a while, but I finally completed that guest post for him: 

Hosting Homestay Students—The Perfect Side Hustle? at Million Dollar Journey

Feel free to comment at Million Dollar Journey (I’ll monitor and reply to comments there). Or go ahead and comment right here with your questions and feedback. I’m always happy to reply and be of help!

The Homestay Series

If you’re looking for more info on homestay hosting, I’ve got you covered! I’ve written a series of articles called ‘The Homestay Series’ to share our experience with hosting homestay students:

Homestay Hosting: A Personal Story

I launched The Homestay Series while on vacation in Korea. Why? It’s because of a special student we hosted during some hard times in our life. Here’s the story…

7 Surprising Benefits of Hosting Homestays

The best benefits from hosting students are non-monetary. If you’re unsure about hosting, read on. I’ll have you fully convinced by the end of this post!

Hosting Homestays: All About the Money

Wondering how much we earn hosting homestay students? Curious about how hosts get paid? Is hosting even worth doing? I’ll share the numbers and tell all.

How To Get Started with Homestay Hosting

Getting prepared for homestay hosting’s pretty straightforward, but it’s nice have some advance knowledge. Let’s go through it step-by-step.

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  • Reply
    February 20, 2019 at 8:04 am

    I love this! I’ve worked as an activities co-ordinator with international students (just across the Strait from you in Victoria actually!) for many years and I always enjoyed seeing the relationships students build with their homestay families. I’ve often thought that I would love to do it if I get to stage in life where I’m staying at home with kids.

    • Reply
      February 20, 2019 at 3:37 pm

      Hi Maggie! It’s always nice to hear from other locals. I love Victoria!

      I bet as a homestay coordinator you saw the best and worst of hosts and students. And yet, you’d still consider hosting yourself. That says a lot!

      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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