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FI School: Introduction

Learn everything you need to know about FI in FI School—a collection of actionable, inspiring FI content, hand-picked from all over the internet.

FI School The Ultimate Guide to FI
FI School

FI School: The Ultimate Guide to FI

Are you new to FI? FI School removes the overwhelm of FI learning! You'll learn everything you need to pursue FI—all in a simple, easy-to-navigate format.

FI School Lesson 1
FI School

FI School Lesson 1: FI 101

What IS FI, and why pursue it? Lesson 1 of FI School will answer all your questions and motivate you with inspiring stories.

FI School Lesson 4
FI School

FI School Lesson 4: Income

Want to know what your greatest asset is? It’s you! Learn how to maximize your human capital, earn more money and reach your FI goals sooner.

FI School Lesson 7
FI School

FI School Lesson 7: Investing

Want to maximize returns, reduce risk, and have more peace of mind? Build your investing knowledge—because more knowledge equals more wealth.